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November 2, 2017
Eastern Update
Progress Reports
It is progress report time again. Just a reminder that it is up to the teacher to decide how much to write and which learning skills and subjects/strands require comments. Whether or not to include literacy and numeracy comments is at the teacher’s professional discretion. Students in Grades 1 to 8 whose achievement is reported as “R” on the provincial report card, and for students in Grades 9 to 12 whose achievement is recorded at or below 50 percent, teachers should describe specific remedial measures that are planned or strategies that have been developed to address the student’s specific learning needs and promote success in learning, as well as the kind of parental support that will be required.
Board Math Initiative
We have had a number of calls at the office and a discussion ensued at our recent Staff Rep In-Service regarding the school board's "Math Initiative". Teachers have expressed concerns over the additional work being asked of them to track students and report back to the board on a monthly basis.
After a discussion with the curriculum department, we were advised that participation is voluntary and teachers can advise their Principal that they are not able to take on this additional work.
Please advise us at the OECTA office if you are being directed to participate in the Math Initiative.
Teacher Workload Reports

On October 20th, your Staff Representative received copies of the 2017-18 teacher workload reports. Please ensure you complete the form accurately and in a timely manner as requested by your rep. The Elementary and Secondary staffing committees will meet to review the information on the workload reports to ensure that teachers working conditions are being respected as outlined in the Collective Agreement. In order to review if the information included in the workload report, we also need to compare that information with your schedule (timetable). Please ensure you provide a copy of your schedule with your workload report. If you require a copy of a blank report, please click the appropriate link below.

Benefits after Retirement

On November 23rd., OTIP will be providing a workshop for teachers that will be retiring in the next few years and want information regarding benefits after retirement. This workshop directly addresses benefits and various options available for retiring teachers. The OECTA Retirement workshop has a component dedicated to discussing benefit options, however, this workshop goes into more detail. The OECTA Retirement Workshop will be held in April 2018 and more information will be provided as we get closer to that presentation.
A second "Benefits after Retirement Workshop" will be delivered at the OECTA Unit office in Kemptville late March 2018. Registration will open in the new year.
If you are interested in attending this "Benefits after Retirement Workshop" being held at Cornwall School Board office on November 23, 2017, you can Register Here.

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